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One step at a time, with your support, Menpha is building the world's most reliable way to track your item, no matter what it is, provided it is uniquely identifiable. Menpha relies not on computer-generated data, but rather real information from humans.

Before you buy a second hand item with a uniquely identifiable code, you search for it using that code of the device. If you see a result in the search on Menpha, then it means, the once-original-initial owner of the item has marked it as stolen or missing and he or she is looking for it.

Thus, you'll know its a stolen item that someone wants to resell to you without the original owner's permission. You can also populate your item list with items of yours that have unique codes. When an item gets lost, you update that item to say its not with you. Anyone who tries to buy that item, but searches to know its stolen will be able to notify you the original, and likely arrange a way to bust the thief.

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